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Cambridge Tech Ltd, we specialize in providing a range of specialised HIFU technologies for use in aesthetic clinics and hospitals around the world. HIFU, or High Intensity Focused Ultrasound, is a precise medical aesthetic procedure which uses a highly focused ultrasound beam to heat and destroy a designated area of tissue. Since it is an incredibly precise process, it has all manner of different applications, from cancer treatment and drug delivery, to cosmetic procedures such as skin tightening and fat removal.


Cambridge Tech has been providing high-quality HIFU components such as transducers, controllers or complete systems to companies all across the globe for many years now. We uphold the very highest standards in all our products and services, and it is our mission to make HIFU accessible to everyone who can benefit from it. Whether it’s targeting and destroying cancerous tissue to help heal a hospital patient, to burning fat and lifting the skin to make someone feel more confident in their own body, HIFU has so much to offer.



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