Histotripsy is delivery of acoustic energy in the form of high intensity but very short  pulses (<50 microseconds) which induces controlled cavitation to mechanically homogenize targeted tissue. 

Ongoing research efforts to apply histotripsy to preclinical models of benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), prostate cancer, renal masses, and renal calculi have been carried out actively.

Cambridge Tech supplies transducers, controllers and accessories for researches on Histotripsy.








Complete system for Histotripsy Testings

- Transducers

- Histotripsy Controller

- 3D Stage & Scanning controller

- Clamps, water tank

3D Soundfield scanning stage

Scanning strokes : 300x320x200mm (x-y-z)

Max scan speed : 6.3 mm/s

Histotripsy Controller

Freq. :  0.5-2.0 MHz (adjustable)

Pulse lenth 1~100 microsec (adjustable)

Pulse output : max 1kW (adjustable)

Duty : max 2% (adjustable)