HIFU Pen System - Transhape EHM15

The focused ultrasound is a medically proven technology that can lift and tighten the skin without downtime by delivering thermal energy into dermis or SMAS area. The same technology is acknowledge to be very effective in removing fat.

HIFU Pen System, Transhape eHM15, is a versatile HIFU system with various focusing tips from 4.0 mm to 12mm and just easy to operate for non-invasive skin lifting / eye bag removal treatment.


Ultra compact aperture size of the tip is just optimal for treatments on any area of the face or body.



Transhape Therapy Machine

Focusing depth : 3.5 ~ 12mm

Extreamly easy to use with touch screen panel

Effective treatments for skin lifting, fat removal

Compact handpiece and replaceable cartridges


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